Kadi Kraman

Kadi Kraman

Principal Engineer

Kadi joined Nearform in the autumn of 2018, having previously held roles at Tessella, a scientific consultancy, Red Badger, a digital consultancy, and Rota, a hospitality staffing start-up. At Nearform, Kadi serves as a project team lead while also managing client relationships and writing code. She also creates and/or maintains open source libraries, including Formidable’s react-native-app-auth, and is a React Native specialist. An accomplished speaker and instructor, Kadi actively presents at JavaScript and React-focused conferences, meetups, and workshops including appearances at GraphQL Finland, React Native London Meetup, and the CityJS conference.

Learn by Doing: an iOS VoiceOver Guide for Developers

May 9, 2023
That’s right, in just 10 minutes you can go from “what even is this" to a "fizz-buzz" level of capability with VoiceOver. Are you ready? Grab your phone and let’s go.

Gradual Rollout for Mobile App Releases

August 29, 2022
Rolling out your app releases gradually will help you catch critical errors early and release with much more confidence. This is a guide for releasing apps with gradual rollout on iOS and Android.

Why Choose React Native?

May 24, 2021
React Native unifies development teams by leveraging the same set of technologies on multiple platforms. Here are some of the key reasons why you might want to consider React Native for your next development project.

Getting To Know Kadi Kraman

February 12, 2021
I feel so very fortunate that I found a dream career. I love working in tech, I love building things that people get to use, I love solving problems, and I love that I get to continuously learn new things.

An Open Source Maintainer's Guide to Publishing npm Packages

June 18, 2020
This how-to guide covers many pitfalls and gotchas people encounter when they want to publish npm packages.

OAuth and PKCE with React Native

January 16, 2018
OAuth is an authorisation protocol that utilizes a third party to gain access to user information without exposing the user’s password. The OAuth website describes the process with a great analogy: Many luxury cars today come with a valet key. It is a special key you give...