Phil Plückthun

Phil Plückthun

Principal Engineer & Developer Advocate

Phil has extensive experience as a developer working with data, replatforming, and state management. He is a strong proponent of React, pushing for its use in web apps and even co-founding the Reactivate London meetup. He’s also a core contributor for styled-components, the most downloaded CSS-in-JS libraries in 2017. Since joining Nearform, Phil has focused on building React Native developer tools and creating consumer-facing React Native apps for clients.

Not All Components Are Created Equal

June 22, 2021
Here are several key ideas that hopefully help you gain new tools to identify why a set of components in your app may not be as readable as they could be. What are the pitfalls? Read on.

Chats About urql: With Max Stoiber

March 23, 2021
A chat with Max Stoiber, a JavaScript engineer from Vienna in Austria, who's a well known constant in the React community, co-creator of styled-components, serial co-founder of Spectrum, Changefeed, and Feedback Fish, and specialty coffee geek.

Urql, Grown Up

May 31, 2019
Early 2018 we released the first version of our minimalist GraphQL client `urql`. For the last year, we’ve been rethinking, rearchitecting, and rebuilding the core of the library, and a few months ago we silently launched `urql` v1.0. Today, with the release of the new documentation site, we’re happy to call `urql` a stable, production-ready GraphQL client library for both small and large React applications.

Live Editing React Components for Better Documentation

May 31, 2017
As stated in a previous post about documentation, Your Docs And You, the best response to well made docs is simply, 'I get it!' When writing documentation, it's sometimes easy to forget that someone on the other end will actually be reading your docs. Writing docs can be as difficult as...