Yanko joined Formidable in April 2021 as a Software Engineer. He has been developing software since 2006. Prior to joining, he has worked for a variety of universities, companies, and startups from Australia, UK, USA, and Spain. In recent years he has focused on modern JavaScript technologies like NodeJS, React, and React Native. Yanko is currently enjoying GraphQL and OSS contributions in Formidable projects.

Developing GraphQL APIs Using TypeGraphQL

November 23, 2021
In this article we will explore another popular JavaScript code-first library: TypeGraphQL. We will use the same schema as before, the same in-memory data, and Apollo Server. This way we can easily compare how we can create the same API using different tools for building the schema.

Developing GraphQL APIs using Nexus

September 16, 2021
When developing a GraphQL API there are two popular approaches to create the GraphQL Schema: the schema-first approach and the code-first. Which is better?