London: Formidable Has Landed.

September 29, 2016
Formidable logo on London night sky

Hi there. I’m Jani Eväkallio, Formidable’s new VP of Mobile Engineering. Along with my arrival, today I have the great pleasure of announcing the opening of Formidable in London.

In my previous life I was the lead engineer at Futurice London, an early React and React Native advocate, and the creator of the Pepperoni App Kit. At Formidable, I’ll lead our London operations from our new offices right by the Silicon Roundabout, in the heart of Europe’s most vibrant tech hub.

I have followed Formidable’s impressive contributions to the JavaScript OSS ecosystem for years. With Formidable in the UK, we’ll have an increase in OSS contributions, more great people, and landing pads on both sides of the pond. I’m looking forward to being involved in the company’s growth outside of the US, working with the most ambitious customers on both continents.

Launch Event October 20th

To celebrate our launch, we’re bringing a group of engineers, including Alex Lande, author of Radium, and Ken Wheeler, author of Webpack Dashboard, to say hello and talk ReactJS and React Native. Join us at our launch event for talks, food, and beverage the evening of October 20th.

Focus on Native

Like Seattle, the London team will be building JavaScript applications for companies of all sizes, though our UK location will have a particular focus on native app development. We’re excited to further expand our offerings into the mobile realm and this team will pioneer that effort.

We’re Hiring

Looking to be part of something incredible? Join our growing team in London as a Mobile Engineer or a Senior Software Engineer.

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