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React Swipeable

Customizable, fast, and lightweight React hook which provides all the information needed for your site to manage swipe interactions.


  • robustRobustThe useSwipeable hook provides you with all the information you need to know about a user's swipe behavior.
  • flexibleFlexibleuseSwipeable is minimal, versatile and flexible. It can be attached to any HTML element, which allows for unlimited possibilities in component design.
  • powered by reactPowered by ReactSwipeable leverages the power of React's declarative and component-based architecture for immersive swipe interactions.

Swipe Demo

👆 Swipeable Box 👆

Swipe within this box to test the useSwipeable hook. Open the browser console window to see the event details.

Get Started

Implement a robust, flexible and dynamic Swipeable component today!