Victory: Charting for React and React Native

Victory is a set of modular charting components for React and React Native. Victory makes it easy to get started without sacrificing flexibility. Create one of a kind data visualizations with fully customizable styles and behaviors. Victory uses the same API for web and React Native applications for easy cross-platform charting.

Victory is helmed by Formidable’s Lauren Eastridge.

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Victory in Use

Victory is used for charting across the web, from publicly-consumed informational graphs to internal tracking and reporting.


FiveThirtyEight uses Victory for data visualizations, including this one about the history of sumo wrestling.


Postmark uses Victory on its status page to let users know how their service is performing.


Tune uses Victory in its Marketing Console, a tool for marketers to track all of their mobile data.


Cumul8 uses Victory for Cirrus, a SaaS platform for businesses to manage their internal data.

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