Becca Bailey

Becca Bailey

Engineering Manager

Becca Bailey comes to Formidable an experienced software engineer consultant, having worked at the Chicago-based firm 8th Light for three years and with Chicago tech startup, The Mom Project. Prior to her career in software, Becca majored in music education and worked in music/fine arts education for several years. Here at Formidable she specializes in front-end development, primarily in React, with an emphasis on architecture, data visualization, and product design improvements. Becca is a well-known speaker and author on the topics of testing, refactoring, and front-end component design, and counts her appearance at React Conf. as a personal career highlight. She's also grateful to work on client data visualization projects with tangible humanitarian effects.

Adventures with Victory and Canvas

November 4, 2021
In this post, I will focus on how we can use the Canvas API to create custom data visualization components that can be used with Victory or as standalone visualizations.

Data Visualizations and the Main Thread: A (Sometimes) Love Story

October 27, 2021
Over the past six weeks, I have been working on a fellowship here at Formidable to dive into data visualization performance with large datasets, and how we can improve []( to take some pressure off the main thread. Here's how.

Calibrated Code Reviews

December 10, 2020
Approaching our code reviews from a place of intentionality can help us build better relationships with our teammates, inspire more thoughtful conversations, and improve the quality of the work we are putting out into the world.