Brian Mathews

Brian Mathews

Principal Engineer

Brian is a full-stack engineer with ten years of experience building for web, mobile, and desktop. He's had critical roles in developing more than 40 production applications for companies like Wikipedia, Nike, Frito-Lay, CenturyLink, Bezos Family Foundation, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He specializes in the areas of performance, scalability, and maintainable code.

Building 3-D Web Experiences With react-three-fiber

March 18, 2021
What if you could build 3-D scenes with React? You can! react-three-fiber is a library that lets you do exactly that.

Building Future UIs

January 28, 2021
What is it about futuristic sci-fi UIs that feel so futuristic and appealing? Can we build some of these with the web technologies we have today?

Upgrading styled-components from v3 to v4

February 20, 2019
The v4 release of styled-components comes with a lot of features and perfomance wins that we were excited about. If you're like me, you might look at the official v3 to v4 migration guide, see the codemod, and feel pretty confident that the migration should take you less than a day! Welp, I was wrong. Here are a few gotchas I ran into.