Brian Walters

Brian Walters

Senior Software Engineer

Brian Walters joined the Nearform team from Illinois in early 2022 as a senior front-end engineer. Before Nearform, Brian honed his skills working at 2wav and Pixo. He has spoken at the University of Illinois WebCon in 2018 about CSS and occasionally dabbles in blogging. In addition, he has contributed to open sourcing by changing how some configurations worked in the Sonata Admin. Brian has a long history in web development, focusing on clean code, a11y, and performance.

The Myth About Code Comments

February 28, 2024
Where to use them, when to use them, how to structure them, and how much detail should they have? These are the wrong questions: instead we should be asking ourselves, “should I even be writing a comment at all?”

Avoiding Pitfalls: What Every Front-End Developer Should Know About Headings

February 9, 2024
In front-end development, headings are a consistent source of mistakes.