Eliza Hubbard

Eliza Hubbard

Senior Technical Project Manager

Eliza Hubbard joined Nearform as a senior technical project manager in July 2022 with 10 years of experience leading software projects from ideation to delivery. Eliza has worked at consultancies and product-driven organizations. During her career, she has been a product lead, product owner, and scrum master in addition to a technical project manager. Eliza especially loves the process of discovering what a product really needs to achieve. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, drawing, spending time with her family, and listening to music she loves on big speakers.

What to Watch Out for When Improving an Existing Sanity Instance

June 27, 2024
At Nearform, we understand that software development does not end at the initial launch. Requirements change and the team’s initial assumptions are tested. Enhancing a system in production demands a nuanced approach to implementation that is distinct from an initial build.

Balancing Flexibility and Structure in Content Strategy Implementation

June 11, 2024
During the buildout of a new content management system (CMS), content creators often want page layouts to be as flexible as possible. This is also exactly the kind of request that keeps engineers up at night.

Enhancing the CMS Admin User Experience in Sanity

May 15, 2024
Neglecting the user experience for content admins results in powerful capabilities being hidden in obscurity and routine content updates being painfully drawn-out.