Lauren Eastridge

Lauren Eastridge

Director of Open Source

Lauren joined Nearform in 2013, leaving behind a career as a research scientist in analytical chemistry. Lauren continued to leverage this analytical background at Nearform, building data-viz heavy apps, and authoring Victory, a popular charting library for React and React Native. Today, Lauren serves as the Director of Open Source, and is responsible for building and running the programs that support and encourage Open Source work at Nearform.

Building a Feature-Rich CMS with Open Source Software

May 20, 2020
We recently created a feature-rich CMS that allows users to create new pages from scratch and preview their changes in real time using the same components that render our live site. Best of all, we did it with entirely free, open source software.

Progress Towards OSS Sustainability

August 28, 2019
Open source sustainability has been an increasingly visible problem in recent years. The problem is too big for any one person, or any one company to solve, but at Formidable, we're hoping to make a very small, local dent by making open source work more sustainable for our business and for our engineers.

OSS Maintenance Levels

April 17, 2019
As Formidable has grown, we have continuously added projects to our portfolio, and today we have more than 70 open source projects that are downloaded and used a couple of million times each week. We try hard to make sure the software we build and maintain is reliable and useful. But how can we continue to maintain and improve every project in our ever-growing open source portfolio?

Victory is Turning 30

July 18, 2018
Victory is making the change to major versions with the release of victory@30.0.0! This is an unusual version bump, and a major milestone for the project, so we thought it warranted more explanation than we usually provide in our release notes.

Screenshot Testing with Chromatic

May 21, 2018
Is this bubble chart correct? Answering this question with unit tests requires breaking it down into several smaller questions: Is the method responsible for calculating bubble size working as expected? Does VictoryScatter render the correct number of...

Flexible Charting in React with Victory (and Introducing FormidableCharts)

November 9, 2016
Victory: React charts tailored to your data Charting directly with d3 can be difficult, but other libraries are often too simplistic. Enter Victory: React charting that is easier than direct use of d3.js but with as much flexibility as possible. Victory allows fully customized charts ranging from...

Victory 0.12.0: The One True Tooltip

September 19, 2016
We are pleased to announce that the latest release of Victory finally includes tooltips! This feature has been in demand for a while, but nailing down an implementation strategy proved challenging. No other chart element exhibits the range of behaviors or visual possibilities as the simple tooltip....


February 15, 2016
I’m not a designer. I’m a JavaScript developer. When I write CSS it takes me longer than it should, and often ends with someone more talented indulgently explaining how I could have avoided making such a mess of things. So, while I can literally do the thing, I can't claim to have design...