Parker joined Nearform in early 2018 and has worked extensively with clients to craft next-generation cloud platforms, working across the entire stack in a complex and evolving codebase. His has experience designing reusable component libraries, building the frontend for central user management platforms, and helping to architect extensions to current server APIs. His strengths are in React and React Native frontend development. In addition, he has experience designing both REST and GraphQL APIs in Node.js. Parker is also a contributor to Nearform open source, having worked on Victory, urql, and redux-little-router.

The State of Reason in 2021

February 25, 2021
The question, "Is Reason ready?" still looms large in every conversation I have about the language. In this piece, I hope to answer that question by exploring Reason's evolution over the last half-decade—how it's evolved, how it's competing with TypeScript, how it's changing JavaScript for the better, and why it may (and may not) be worth investing in now.

Reflections on Renature

February 6, 2020
In this final post in our three-part series on renature, Parker looks back on how this whole thing started, what we accomplished in the six weeks, and what programs like the Fellowship mean for our commitment to open source sustainability.

Building Physics-Based Animations with renature

January 12, 2020
Since the initial announcement of the renature project we've made a lot of progress, adding full support for three forces and beginning to scaffold out an API for pausing, reversing, and replaying animations while preserving the simplicity of our tiny hooks API.

Introducing Renature: Experimenting with Physics for UI Animation

December 18, 2019
For this first fellowship, Parker Ziegler, in collaboration with others at Formidable, is working on a new physics-based animation library for React focused on modeling natural-world forces like gravity, friction, air resistance, and fluid dynamics. The project is called renature, harkening to the inspiration it takes from the physics of our universe. It's targeted at UI developers, digital artists, and physics nerds alike. In this post, we'll introduce the motivations behind writing renature, highlight some of the technology we're using to build it, and show off the progress we've made in these first two weeks!

End-to-End Testing React Applications with Cypress

May 29, 2019
When it comes to end-to-end testing React applications, Cypress is rapidly emerging as the community standard. While nothing about Cypress is React-specific, the design of its APIs pairs uniquely well with the nuances of React's reconciliation process and virtual DOM. In this post we'll dig into how Cypress works with React, focusing specifically on how it addresses the challenges of DOM-based testing and manipulation in the era of asynchronous web applications.