Paula Lavalle

Paula Lavalle

UI Engineer & Designer

With more than a decade of experience in web development, motion graphics, UI engineering, and UI design, Paula approaches each project with a holistic view to ensure technical excellence and superior usability. Since joining Formidable in 2014, she’s helped high-profile clients create apps and implement smart, accessible UI design. Paula has also been heavily involved in Formidable’s open source software development efforts, creating the company’s OSS portfolio and site structure. She specializes in designing and building UI and style guides using Sketch, Photoshop, React.js, and CSS.

Why Have Design Technologists?

April 8, 2021
A Design Technologist can move between the design and engineering worlds seamlessly. They can change their shape and blend in depending on the environment, and therein lies their power: they are powerful advocates for holistic thinking.

Best Practices for Making (super duper) Useful Dashboards

September 3, 2020
Dashboards are a tool to support decision making, monitoring, or solving a problem. Each component of the dashboard needs to have a clear reason why it’s there and how it helps the user perform a task or do a job. Here are some of our tips for making supremely useful dashboards.

Your Docs and You: A Guide for Your First OSS Portfolio

April 12, 2017
Open Source Software is arguably fated to a life of loneliness without great documentation. I’ve heard more than one developer proclaim the importance of docs, and their corresponding awe and appreciation when they find docs that are really well-made. One of my favorite responses to a docs site...