Ryan Srofe

Ryan Srofe

Senior Design Technology Manager

In the summer of 2022, Ryan Srofe joined Nearform as a senior design technologist and was promoted to manager in the fall. Before joining the team, he was creative technology manager at 22Squared and has over twenty years of expertise utilizing design and technology to deliver award-winning interactive experiences and products.

Ryan's most recent project was for PUMA as a design technologist implementing component systems to support over 20 commercial regions across the globe. Prior to this, Ryan helped build a new scalable design system from the ground up for FluentStream, a digital telecommunications company.

Ryan is the maintainer of the open source FigLog Evolution Tracker widget for Figma and is keen on developing more custom tooling in the future.

Outside of work, Ryan is a proud husband, father, and waterman who enjoys spending quality time in the outdoors boating, exploring, and fishing with his family.

I Created a Figma Widget, and Why You Should Too!

December 8, 2023
My solution was to create FigLog, a seamless and efficient way to document team decisions and the evolution of changes in Figma and FigJam.