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Getting started

AMA stands for Accessible Mobile App and contains a set of accessible components and hooks to simplify the building of accessible apps.


Install react-native-ama using either yarn or npm:

npm install react-native-ama


Some component relies on react-native-reanimated and/or react-native-gesture-handler, so these other dependencies should also be installed.

npm install react-native-reanimated
npm install react-native-gesture-handler
npm install --save-dev wcag-color

cd ios
pod install

Config File

The installation command should have automatically generated the ama.rules.json file. If not:

echo "{}" >> ama.rules.json
cd node_modules/react-native-ama
ln -s ../../ama.rules.json .


When running a test, if jest fails with the following error:

Cannot find module './../../ama.rules.json' from 'node_modules/react-native-ama/dist/commonjs/internal/logger.js'

add those lines to the .jest.config.js file:

jest.mock('react-native-ama/dist/commonjs/internal/logger.js', () => {
return {
getContrastCheckerMaxDepth: () => 5,