VictoryTransition wraps a single child component in VictoryAnimation. In addition to animating the child component, it will also handle transitions for any entering and exiting nodes via the onEnter and onExit and onLoad transitions defined on its animate prop.


type: element

VictoryTransition adds transitions to a single child.


type: object || boolean

The animate prop specifies props for VictoryAnimation and VictoryTransition to use. The animate prop may be used to specify the duration, delay and easing of an animation as well as the behavior of onEnter and onExit and onLoad transitions. Each Victory component defines its own default transitions, but these may be modified, or overwritten with the animate prop.

examples: animate={{duration: 2000, onLoad: {duration: 1000}, onEnter: {duration: 500, before: () => ({y: 0})}}}


type: array[string]

The animationWhitelist defines a list of props to animate on the child. This prop should be given as an array of strings.