Polar Charts

Victory supports polar charts for VictoryArea, VictoryBar, VictoryLine and VictoryScatter, as well as wrapper components like VictoryChart, VictoryGroup and VictoryStack. This guide provides explanations for polar-specific props as well as examples of polar charts.

Creating Polar Charts

In most cases, creating a polar chart is as easy as adding the polar prop to the top level component (usually VictoryChart).

To configure axes for polar charts, use the VictoryPolarAxis component. VictoryPolarAxis uses a similar set of props to VictoryAxis

VictoryGroup and VictoryStack also work with polar charts:

Add interactivity to polar charts with standard events, or container components. The following Polar charts work with VictorySelectionContainer, VictoryVoronoiContainer, and VictoryZoomContainer.