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Full product design work done by Formidable for a client

What We Do

For NF’s design team, it’s always a happy day when someone gets “headphones time”. That means it’s finally time to fire up Figma and do what we truly love – designing IA, UX a UI for digital products. Here, we take pride in being ‘design generalists’; each member of our team is well-versed in every phase of UX design and is always laser-focussed on delivering value to the client. And because all so well-versed in our craft, you can bring us in at any part of the project – initial blue sky design, midway through UX production, or even at the end to provide UI delight. We’re even great at those little moments that turn a digital product into something wonderful– we excel motion and visual design, too.

How We Do It

Unlike many design agencies, our designers have a deep working knowledge of the digital product space, best practices, and what works and doesn’t from a technical and experiential level. Working hand in hand with product and research teams, our designers embed with your internal teams to scope, build, and deploy designs in ways that are technical feasible, visually stunning, and follow best practices for accessibility and performance. We’re also experienced in making sure any designs are GDPR and COPPA compliant. Lastly, our designers can also level up internal design teams to leave the project in a much better place than before we joined. Our designers can ship:

  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • User Journey Maps
  • UX designs
  • UI designs
  • Visual design
  • Motion design
From our clients
"Over the last two years, I was able to form an incredible partnership with NF's Design Team. The designers challenged our assumptions through exceptional design thinking processes that centered around our customers. They helped level up our existing design team through constructive feedback loops and collaborative design sessions. They pushed us in new directions that raised the bar for our experiences."
Walter Colindres, Head of Product

Work with Us

We won’t just be an extra set of hands—we’ll help guide your strategy, enact best practices to ensure sustainability, and help your team level up along the way. Not sure where to start or have a few questions you need answered? Contact us to book a free discovery session to talk through your idea, project, or goals.

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