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Order Matters

It's crucial to ensure screen readers and other assistive technologies can navigate your app in a logical order, making sure that content is separate with meaningful titles.

Screen navigation

When navigating to a new screen, make sure that the focus always starts from the "same" position; it could be the first element of the screen or the first header1; whatever you choose, make sure that it is consistent across all the screens/modals of your app.


The built-in

has the autofocus property that automatically sets the focus when it gets rendered for the first time.

Drawer / BottomSheet navigation

When dealing with Drawers/BottomSheets, we need to take care of:

  1. Handling the focus
  2. Can be dismissed
  3. Focus stays inside it

1. Handling the focus

When opening a modal window or drawer, the focus must be placed on or inside it; otherwise, the user remains in the active control and might not be aware or be able to reach the new content.

2. Can be dismissed

The drawer/bottom sheet should either have a close button or be dismissable by tapping on its overlay layer.

3. The focus stays inside it

Make sure that the user cannot focus on any element underneath the drawer/bottom sheet; the user should only be able to cycle between the drawer/bottom sheet content.

  1. According to this study: the solution that worked better for the mast majority was: Shift focus to a heading